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Other Services

Our Services

Our Dry-cleaning services include almost all relevant services like dry cleaning,
Chemical structure of indigo dye, the blue coloration of blue jeans.Once extracted from plants, indigo dye is almost exclusively synthesized industrially.

Darning (Rafu) is a sewing technique for repairing holes or worn areas in fabric or knitting using needle and thread alone. It is often done by hand, but it is also possible to darn with a sewing machine. Hand darning employs the darning stitch, a simple running stitch in which the thread is “woven” in rows along the grain of the fabric, with the stitcher reversing direction at the end of each row, and then filling in the framework thus created, as if weaving.

We frolic stage brings you how to very easily apply charak on your cotton clothes and bengali sarees at home. As we all know applying charak is very expensive at market. Process for applying charak on your cotton clothes.

Why people love us

Deserve based on service

The amazing thing is, Khurana Drycleaners offer such remarkable services at a very reasonable cost. Yes, it is a very cost-effective to acquire dry cleaning services of Khurana Drycleaners without putting much stress on your pocket.

Splendid wash

Quality cleansers, treated water, cutting edge washing and ironing for supreme clothing.

Quality Ensured

Our easy to approach services and quality that no other Dry-cleaning service provider can match.

Ladies Garments Dry Clening

Dry cleaning for women’s dresses, blouses, gowns, slacks and other. We gave the dry cleaning service from the last one year. We will take it from there. Hassel free, fast and simple!

Men Coats Dry Cleaning

The Dry Cleaning Man can clean virtually any item. Our Cleaning is performed to the highest standards in the industry. Prices may vary depending on the specifics of the garments.

Cloth Dry Clean

Dry cleaning can add up to a significant household expense. Khurana Drycleaners is the premium dry cleaners & laundry services provider in Panipat.

Dry Cleaning

We think ahead

We Provide the Highest Quality Dry Cleaning at Your Doorstep. From Silks to Leathers, to Drapes and Wedding Gowns, We Do It All, Better and Faster Than Anyone! Best of All, We Do It All in a 100% Perc-free Dry Cleaning Process That Is a Win-win for Your Health and the Environment Too.

Curtain Dry Cleaning

Quilts Dry Cleaning

Carpets Dry Cleaning

Sofa Dry Cleaning

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